Architect's Role at Phase 1 & 2


If the architect sees oil stains or something suspicious on the site…should or shouldn’t suggest a phase 1 or phase 2? Can Phase 1 be skipped and do Phase 2 directly if there’s certainty that the site is contaminated for previous uses?


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Great question!

Phase I and Phase II ESA’s actually follow different ASTM Standards. Phase II is ASTM E1903; whereas Phase I is found in ASTM E 1527 and E 2247.

Typically, a Phase II ESA is going to follow a Phase I, but if common sense shows that there is hazardous material contamination, one can proceed directly into a Phase II ESA which is much more intrusive

The Site Planning and Design Handbook has some great information on this if you want to learn a bit more.

Hope that helps!

Heather Rivera, NCARB