Mental notes to myself when I was working on the exams

For me there were a number of mental tricks I tried to power thru this journey. I’ll share a few of them here.

  1. kind of like getting married or having a baby: there won’t be a perfect time to start. Don’t let your age or your experience determine if you should work on your license. Don’t wait because you are too young; but don’t give up because you have been working too long either.

  2. don’t compare your progress/ your method with another person. Any amount of progress; even a failed exam, is a step forward and better than not trying.

  3. self reminder/affirmation: kind of like losing weight; you need to remind yourself quite often 1) why do you do this in the first place and 2) that you can do it. It might take a while but you will.

  4. take advantages of your study guides. these things are expensive (lucky you if you get it paid for by your office but still…). use them!! If you get one of those big books, read the whole thing. Hundreds hours of videos? listen to them like podcasts. Those mock online exams? Seriously try taking them all! It’s difficult to absorb 100% of the knowledge first time around. But if you get 25% from watching videos, another 25% from a book and then it comes up during an online mock exam. the info will stick with you much better.


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Hi @jessie138 ! These are great :+1: I know test-takers will find your tips extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing!