New PA Material - AI Voice?

Just wanted to see if anyone else thinks this is an AI generated voiceover. It is a little bland and already a little hard to listen to over a long period of time.

The content and general layout of the videos are great, but I wish they would have used a real human for the voiceovers. Maybe I’m wrong, but I am already appreciating non-AI content more in this new era of human vs AI content!


Omg - I just started studying for PA, switched over to the new content, played the first section and immediately ran to the community page to see if anyone else has mentioned the AI voice over!
It’s HORRIBLE, there’s zero emotion or engagement in his words and everything just sounds flat and monotone. I’m having to constantly replay bits because it’s just not sinking in like previous content. The only thing I can hope for is enough people emailing and complaining to the black specs support email because this cannot be the new normal.


Agreed with all that you said, its too bad! It seems they took a shortcut with this one, the other new material had a real voiceover and was easier to follow!

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Agreed, love the new content except for the AI voice which takes the life out of the videos. Also, the flashcards are no longer working even though I am paying for the Pro version which is irritating, especially when I have an exam in one week. BS is trying to make me to upgrade to an Expert plan just to access them, even though they are supposed to be included in the Pro plan.

Definitely hard to listen to this AI voice. I feel like it’s harder to retain the content info with it!