I’m not finding this content on the video lectures helpful at all. I paid for the expert ARE exam guides but seriously they are a freaking snooze. I’m not learning anything. The real issue is the trick questions. The exam I just took is full of nonsense trick questions- it’s NOT an evaluation on understanding the content or about making proficient choices.

Spent months studying and went through all the videos and I still failed the exam. I’m at a total loss of what to do to pass.

Hello @jessica_lu -

I am so sorry that you are frustrated with not passing the ARE exam. Most people tend to take the same exam multiple times, I know I did. For me the trick to passing the exam was a combination of things.

  1. Know the information in the ARE 5.0 Handbook. The language in this material is the same way the test is written, get used to it and make sure you know the content backwards and forwards.

  2. Spend the time taking notes on even the most tedious of content. This is a proven technique to help you recall information later.

  3. The exam tends to have buzz words or information that directs you to the answers they are looking for. Really spend time reading the question and only answering what they are asking for.

  4. Process of Elimination, make sure you go through the multiple choice questions and remove the obviously incorrect answers. This way if you have to guess between two or even three possibilities you have a higher chance of guessing correctly.

I know that at the end of the day the test are full of a ton of content and it can be a serious challenge to absorb everything. Just know that your in good company and try to utilize all the resources at your disposal.



Stay Strong… I failed once and I am sorry you didn’t pass. It’s just like getting nicked off the horse… you got to get back on. I’m taking my test again in 3 days and I am hoping BS has equipped me this time. Fingers crossed! And never give up!!!