Pay Applications - Gen. Requirements & Gen. Conditions

Hi! I saw General Requirements & General Conditions as the top two line items in the sample G703 Continuation Sheet in the new CE videos and was wondering if anyone could describe what sorts of costs fall under those categories?

Thank you!

@coachchrishopstock perhaps you could elaborate?


Hi @desireegcurrie thanks for the question!
I’m not sure how much this is covered on the ARE since I can’t find any breakdown of these two line items in any of the NCARB resources, but it’s useful to know in your career so I’m happy to explain.
General Requirements on a schedule of values cover anything required by Division 01 of the specs - the best example is temporary construction facilities like site office trailers or a construction fence.
General Conditions are costs incurred by the GC that don’t actually result built construction work, but nonetheless are necessary to complete the project. A good example of something that would be included here is trash removal.

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