PcM Practice Form 1 -Q 54

Sorry for putting the snapshot here. But wont Furniture “selection” come under basic service? The B101 mentions FF & E Design as a supplemental service, which I am interpreting as designing a layout and making drawings for them. But when you say selection, I was thinking more like just specifying which desk and not really designing a layout for it to fit in the space.
I know NCARB is very clever with the use of words, but if my interpretations wrong can you explain a bit more if this question is either worded incorrectly or I am overthinking it. @coachhayleypugh @coachcandaceseda

I don’t think it’s that you’re overthinking it at all. My thoughts:

By selecting the furniture for the client, you’re making a design choice, even if you aren’t telling them ultimately where to place it (although you almost certainly would). If FF&E isn’t a part of your contract, making those selections-- or choices-- would be an additional service (or a supplemental service if incorporated into it).