Supplemental Services vs. Additional Services

Based on B101, can landscape design a “supplemental service” also be considered an “additional service”? My understanding is the answer is yes, it would be a “supplemental service” if identified in section 4.1.1 but if asked for by the owner after the B101 is executed then it would be considered an “additional service”. Is that the correct assumption?

Hi @lizl ,

You’re exactly correct! A supplemental service and additional service can literally be the same activity, like providing landscape design services. If landscape design services were agreed to before signing the contract and identified in section 4.1.1 then they would be considered a supplemental service.

However, if the owner initially did not want these services and did not include them in the B101 before signing, but asked for them at a later date, the landscape design services would be considered additional services.

Black Spectacles posted a great video about this to Youtube for free awhile back! You can watch at the link below:

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply - this is extremely helpful.

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