PDD - Exam 1 - question 28

I have looked at this question multiple times and I can’t wrap my head around the Black Spectacle correct answer of 93 people for the occupancy.

here is my calculation per table 1004.1.2. in the IBC:
1,000 s.f. coffee area…700 s.f. / 5 = 140 ( standing - assembly)
300 s.f. / 15 = 20 (concentrated - assembly)
1,000 s.f. reading room 700 s.f. / 50 =14 (reading rooms - Library)
300 s.f. / 100 = 3 (stack area - Library)
2,000 s.f. Open office…2000 s.f. / 100 = 20 (Business)
333.3 s.f. Office 1…333.3 s.f./100 = 4 (Business)
333.3 s.f. Office 2…333.3 s.f./100 =4 (Business)
333.3 s.f. Office 3…333.3 s.f./100 = 4 (Business)

my total is 209 people!!!

Here are my questions:

  1. why is black spectacle not taking into account the 300 s.f. of the table are in the cafeteria?
  2. why is black spectacle using a factor of 15 in the 700 s.f. coffee area that it is open?
  3. why is black spectacle not taking into account the 300 s.f. of the stack area in the reading?

Can any one help me understand? I’m really confused, I was the life safety person for 8 years at my previews company, so I thou I knew how to work these numbers pretty good, but apparently I’m missing something here

Thank you

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Hi @PurpleHair !
Let’s see if our expert architect can answer your questions! @coachbryanhadley do you mind jumping in?

Well, I never heard back from @coachbryanhadley Mis @monicafitzpatrick. It is been 18 days!
It is sad that we can’t get black spectacle practice exam clarifications, black spectale practice exams are supposed to makes us feel prepare and here I’m 18 day later confused as a tomato.

@PurpleHair I’m sorry for all the frustration caused and am going to try answering your questions right now.

  1. If you look at Table 1004.1.2 (as you’ve already noted), you’ll see that the Occupant Load Factors (OLF) are either gross or net. When it is net, you can make subtractions from the gross area. Net floor area is the actual occupied area not including occupied accessory areas such as corridors, stairways, toilets rooms, mechanical rooms, closets…the tables are taking up space and cannot be occupied so this is why the 300 sf was not included. As a side note: some jurisdictions interpret this a bit differently, but this has been commonly accepted nationwide.
  2. The OLF is 15 here because it falls under Unconcentrated Assembly space - meaning it has movable tables and chairs.
  3. The stack area in the library follows the same guidelines in bullet 1. Library reading rooms are 50 net. If the room was defined as a stack area (not a reading room) you would have to use 100 gross and would not be able to take the 300 sf deduction.

Calculating occupant loads is finicky for sure. I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions or concerns, please @ me in your response; and I’ll be happy to try to help.

Again, I’m sorry for the delay. Be well!


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