PcM Practice exam 1, Question 32

On PcM practice exam 1, question #32, it is saying Employee D is correct. The explination does not even reference Employee F, which I believe is the best option be cause F has a lower utilization rate. Which answer is correct?

@coachemilyepple @coachdennislytkine
Can either of you please provide insight to question??

Unfortunately, it does not seem like the exam 1 question 32 that I can see is matching up with the question you are asking about. Without seeing the whole question, I am unable to provide any insight. Black Spectacles does not allow screenshots from paid content to be posted here but you can try emailing: support@blackspectacles.com
and include screenshots of the question in your email to get the clarification/explanation you are looking for!

I think it’s because Employee F’s title is Designer, while Employee D’s title is Architect and they wanted the highest title as well.