Permit Cost Estimation

There is a signage Permit Cost estimation question where the cost of the sign is $25,800.
Permit cost for Signage over 20,000 = 273 + $7.5 per 1000 SF or a % after thereof.
So 273+ (7.5 x5.8) = $317
or 273 + (7.5x6) = $318
why is $318 correct? what makes me round up the 5800 to 6000? what does a % thereof actually mean? i see a pattern where i get questions incorrect due to either rounding up or down by 1 number. it’s quite frustrating.

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Hi! I got stuck on this as well. In the case study reference, when you look at the permit fee breakdown, it says, per thousand or fraction thereof (I don’t remember off the top of my head if it says fraction on the reference or percent). That phrase right there is the reference telling us to round up to the nearest thousand.

I agree though, its incredibly frustrating and you’d have to REALLY dig deep and think about the reference to get it correct. I got it wrong too :frowning:

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Hi Najia! I had the exact same confusion as you! I Googled what “part thereof” meant and found this very helpful (and quick!) explanation. Hope that helps!

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