Practice exam Q7

I need help understanding the practice exam question below. The answer explanation doesn’t make sense to me.

During the programming phase, you develop, together with your client, a comprehensive space list for the project you are designing. Before approving the start of the Schematic Design phase, your client wants an estimate of how much the project will cost. You estimate that for this project type in this location, a good estimate is $250 per square foot. In order for you to calculate an estimate based on price per square foot, you need to know the gross building area for the project.

What is the estimated gross building area for this project?

The chart gives you a total net area of 11,470 SF. The efficiency factor for office buildings 50%. The answer says to multiply 11,470SF *.5 = 5,735 SF. then add 11,470 + 5,735 SF = 17,205 SF (gross).

Wouldn’t you divide “net assignable” / .5 overall efficiency factor = building gross area per problem solving pg. 101?

11,470 SF (net) /.5 overall efficiency = 22,940 SF (gross)

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Hi Anyeli,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Which quiz is this so i can look at the full question. It will help me answer you properly.


its part of the Practice Exam - Form 1, questions for PA. I think the questions may shuffle per user, but its question 7 for me.

Okay, Found the question!

I would say you are correct, I will see how this can be brought to test makers. Or if someone would disagree with us. But based on Problem seeking the sheets they point out in the answer i don’t believe they did the correct math.


great! thank you for the confirmation! I was racking my brain trying to make that answer explanation make sense.

Thank you @anyeli.silva for your question and thank you @coachfaithbroussard for looking into this! You are both correct and we will adjust the answer to this question accordingly. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Kiara Galicinao, AIA, NCARB
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