PjM Form 3 question 72 0f 75

In the Form 3 practice exam, in the case study section there is a question regarding an additional service fee for increasing the size of the project due to an increase in the size of individual resident rooms. The correct answer response provided indicates the original size of the rooms was 10’-6" x 9’-3", or 97.125 square feet based on the licensing requirements but in the section cited it also states “Resident room area shall be a minimum of…one hundred (100)square feet per bed in one (1)-bed resident rooms”. Seems the more restrictive size would be to provide 100 SF for the original size.

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@coachchrishopstock do you mind helping @jplecha

Hey @jplecha - thanks for bringing this to our attention! We revised this question earlier this month during one of our QA processes, but your analysis of the question is exactly right.

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