PjM Resources

As per ARE 5.0 Handbook:


Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice 15th Edition

Professional Practice: A Guide to Turning Designs into Buildings

AIA Contracts:


For the contracts, you should the A201 and B101 very well and the A101 and C401 to a lesser extent. You should know what the other contracts are for, but it’s more likely specifics of the A201 and B101 would be questioned. For a free explanation of the A201 and B101, download the Schiff Hardin Lectures.

Other Materials:
I’m not suggesting you buy any of the materials below, but if you feel you have a grasp of the Black Spectacles materials and are looking for more resources, I found the below study materials for the Project Management exam.

Schiff Hardin Lectures Particularly for A201 and B101 (audio files) FREE

Designer Hacks PjM Practice Exam Bundle $39

Ballast ARE Review Manual

Plural Sight 10-Day Free Trial $29/Month after

SCI Project Delivery Practice Guide

I’ll add to this if I find anything. Please send in your questions for the next meeting by no later than this coming Wednesday. Good Luck!

CSI Project Resource Manual
-Has info on Contracts, Quality Control, and Project Execution (that I know of).