PPD Practice Exam Fire Separation References

Regarding a question on the second practice exam: What is the minimum required fire-rated separation between the private garages?

I used the IBC reference chapters from the case studies to determine the answer. I found the occupancy type U and cross referenced with other type U occupancies to determine that the separation required would be 0 hours. The answer says the reference is 406.3, which is true and indicates 1-hr, but that section isn’t provided on the practice exam. Should we be memorizing some of these fire separations? Is there a trick to how we should associate specific types of separations? Or would the IBC chapter 4 typically be provided as a resource in this case?


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@coachlizschneider do you mind helping @mkmcna ?

@mkmcna Thanks for the question! Generally speaking NCARB is moving away from memorization for the exams. So no I would not expect to have to have separation requirements memorized. I would say to have a good understanding of where you can find that information in the code so you can reference it quickly, but the reference should be provided. Another good chart to be familiar with when it comes to separation of uses is 508.4.