PPD Practice Exam NRC Rating Tech Data

I just did the first practice exam for PPD and want to clarify the calculation for the SAC/ NRC in the question regarding calculating the number of Hexus Panels. The question doesn’t identify whether we should assume an unpainted panel or lightly painted, etc. The answer explanation says to use NRC 1.05 which is lightly painted. How should we know to select lightly painted? I assumed unpainted since it did not specify, but I could see this being omitted on a real exam…


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Hello @mkmcna can you let me know which question # this is?
@coachlizschneider do you mind helping with this PPD Practice exam question?

Hi! It was 86/100 or 6/12 on case study 1 about the library.

@mkmcna Thanks for the question. In this case choosing the highest NRC value for the panels will give you the lowest number of required panels while still meeting the requirement. So since the question does not specify a finish, you know at a minimum 11 panels are required. If another finish is selected by the architect or client that number will increase.

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