Practice Exam #3, question 11

The question states:
"An architect is preparing a response to a request for proposals (RFP). The RFP provides the following information about the project’s scope of work:

Interior renovation to an existing 125,000 square foot class-A office building in an urban setting. New elevators, curtain wall, lobby, and common corridors to be designed. White-box tenant spaces. New exit signs at each floor, and new hardware on all egress doors.

Which of the following consultants should the architect consider including in their response to the RFP? Check the three that apply."
The answers are:
-Expeditor (Incorrect)
-Vertical transportation consultant (Correct)
-Interior Designer (Correct)
-Mechanical Engineer (Incorrect)
-Structural Engineer (Incorrect)
-Electrical Engineer (Correct)

Why would the Structural Engineer be incorrect if there is a new curtain wall?