Practice Exam PcM

Question Part 1:How does arbitration and litigation automatically associates with betterment?
Question Part 2: A question from one of the video quizzes states reviewing old claims, litigation, & arbitration (with no additional context to the scenario)? Yet when I look at the responses to the answers the breakdown has so many assumptions associated with the answer. Is this typical for Black Spectacles or should this be something I fear when taking the live exam? Unfortunately I can not post the question.

Hi @bianca.williams thanks for writing in!
First of all - there’s nothing to fear about the ARE! If you prepare diligently, you’ll be ready.

Our quiz questions that are interspersed within the videos are meant to directly relate to what you just learned, and we typically post the name of the video and timecode where you can find the information that’s being asked about.

This particular question creates a scenario where the architect is reviewing old claims and wondering how they can be solved (through binding dispute resolution), however that information is somewhat irrelevant to the actual question, which is simply ‘what is betterment?’ This is common on the ARE and throughout our materials - so it’s important to practice answering ARE questions so you can identify relevant information and parse out irrelevant pieces of information.

I wouldn’t say that the answer explanations suggest that you need to make assumptions to answer the question - they provide additional context about each answer choice to aid in your studying.