Practice test form #2 - question 43

I believe the language on question 43 on practice test form 2 is incorrect, it is asking “what is the maximum time period after this discovery.”… the discovery was done 3 years after final completion with a 4 years of warranty, BUT the question asked max period AFTER discovery. I believe the answer should be one year left after the discovery. The question is NOT asking what is the time of warranty after completion, its asking time AFTER the discovery.

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The discovery will trigger the statute of Limitation which is 4 years (the correct answer) the 3 years has no impact to the statute of limitation as long as it within the normal statue of repose (usually 10 years).

Thanks @anay15 for posting the question and @haythammohamed_abdelrahman for the absolutely correct response! It’s important to understand the differences between a statute of limitations and a statute of repose.

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