Statute of Repose versus Statue of Limitations

Please note that the information in the AHPP and other study materials that cite it is incorrect.

Here is the correct information:

While both set time limitations under which claims may be made, the difference is when they commence.

The statute of repose starts from the date of substantial completion with a specific time limit set by state.
The statute of limitations starts at the time the alleged fault or issue is discovered.

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@EZI, I hope this clears it up for you!

Thank you @coachchristinaassmann

if the content on the exam comes from AHPP and is a suggested study source, why even study it or why even take the exam? shouldnt NCARB fix this?

Hi @jperez1487 !

Thanks for your comment! Between the different resources, you will see some information that varies between them. This can be pretty frustrating at times especially if that information comes directly from a resource that NCARB references. I will say the AHPP is overall a pretty accurate guide for both the exam and for professional practice, this is the first thing I’ve come across in the AHPP that is incorrect. My assumption is that other exam takers have reached out to NCARB regarding this information being incorrect, but you can also reach out to NCARB citing that a topic on the exam is incorrect. Thanks again!