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I am not sure I understand the which walls are correct and which are incorrect. Can someone help?

Hi @molls808 ! I sent you an email about the exam screenshots being posted. I have sent them to our expert architect @coachlizschneider so she knows which questions you are referring to.

@coachlizschneider do you mind helping?

@molls808 For this question, there are three main pieces of information that you are being asked to decipher. The first is whether or not a wall is load bearing, second is whether it is an interior or exterior wall, and the third, based on the previous two pieces of information, is what are the appropriate fire ratings.
Looking at the floor joists you can see that they are running horizontally through the units in the image. This tells you that the interior demising walls along with the exterior walls to the left and right will be load bearing. In addition, the floor joists in the corridor are running vertically, which means the corridor walls are load bearing as well.
The 2 corridor walls and the 6 demising walls are all interior loadbearing walls. While the four exterior walls on the left and right are exterior demising walls.
If we look at the chart we see that interior load bearing walls in a type IIIA construction are 1 hr rated while the exterior walls are 2 hr rated.
In your answer you missed the two corridor walls and incorrectly labeled the walls interior to the units at the top of the image. I can see why you picked the interior unit walls, as the top of the diagram does seem to label them as interior load bearing walls. I wonder if that’s a typo and is meant to say interior NON load bearing walls. @monicafitzpatrick @brynnherman what do you think? Is that something we need to correct?

Great explanation. Thanks so much!

Thanks @coachlizschneider we will correct this on our end.

May I send a screenshot of my image showing the designations of the walls as well, to verify if I am interpreting it correctly? I want to be sure I’m not missing anything. Thanks.


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Please email ( the screenshot & I will have an architect help clarify.