Reduce Architect's fees

how does including alternates in a single base bid reduce Arch’s fees?

how does shortening duration of construction reduce fees?


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Good question! I’m not sure myself but I’ll tag a few of our experts and maybe they can shed some light on your question
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Hey Jacob-
I’m not sure that including alternates in a single base bid reduces an architect’s fee.
Including alternates is usually a way to give an owner choices about what they want built. The problem an owner experiences is that they don’t know how much something in a building costs until you get your bids, so if your base building is under budget, then you may want to add nicer glass or some other feature- those are the alternates. The architect will design all of those features, and charge for that design, so it wouldn’t necessarily reduce their fee.

Shortening the duration of construction might have a small impact on reducing an architect’s fee because the shorter duration may equate to less site visits, and thus less time the architect spends on site, and less fee.

Keep up the great questions!

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Alternates require additional work even if they are alternates to reduce construction costs. It is not typical for additional work requested by the client to reduce the fees paid to the architect. The conversation is different if the bids come back over budget. In that scenario, an architect could be asked to design cheaper alternates at no cost to the client.

Shorter construction time reduces Construction Administration time/fees.