Exam#3 Case Study 1: Question 6 of 7

A school district is required to take the lowest bid for the project.
Which contractor should be awarded the contract if the owner decides to take the York chiller alternate?

Incorrect. Contractor 3 has the lowest bid when you take the deduct for the York chiller into consideration; however, the voluntary alternate should not be taken into consideration per the Voluntary Alternate and Substitution Form (section 00 40 10).

My Question:
Where in the case study can I find the Voluntary Alternate and Substitution Form (section 00 40 10)?

@coachchrishopstock can you please take a look into this question?


Hi @penguinlittlet thanks for bringing this to my attention! The document was not provided, and we’ve updated the question accordingly.
Good luck in your studies and thanks again for letting me know about this question.

Hi, I have a question regarding this one as well. Are we supposed to assume that the alternate is a reduction rather than an addition? Did i miss something in the in the question that alludes to this or is an alternate always assumed to be a reduction? I go the problem wrong because i added the alternate to the bids rather than subtracting.


Hi @Charlesanthonylent thanks for your question!
The bid tabulation form notes negatives by putting them in parenthesis - for example, contractor 1’s York Chiller is noted as ($5,000) which means “negative five thousand”. This is common, because writing it as -$5,000 is harder to see and it’s possible to miss the small negative sign.

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