Reimbursable Expenses

Going through the B101-2017 and I am trying to understand the timing related to presentation materials. Can renderings, physical models, mock-ups, and professional photography requested by the Owner or required for the project ever be considered an additional service? Or will these items always fall under a reimbursable expense?

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Hi @algonquin ,

Great question! Another candidate had a question along a similar vein awhile back. This might be helpful for you:

Renderings can absolutely be billed as a supplemental service (if agreed upon prior to signing B101 and included in table 4.1.1 ) or as an additional service (if requested after the B101 is signed).

I believe that the AIA included renderings, physical models, etc. in ‘Reimbursable’ as a way to indicated that the physical materials to make these can be reimbursed. For ‘renderings’ this would have been more applicable back in the days when they were hand done on expensive paper with expensive markers. At the same time, it’s also possible for example that you are hiring a professional photographer and billing the expense as a reimbursable to the owner rather than listing it as an hourly service your consultant is providing. It can absolutely depend on the situation!

Sorry I don’t have a nice black and white answer for you, but I hope this helps!


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I’m new to this review group. I can only say that in my opinion( I might not be right) the digital representation is a part of basic services , it is because those are our cad drawings/ BIM/revit drawings where we draw our plans and submittal requirements, where as rendering , by its word means an additional services since we do not really have to give the owner a rendered version of the project.

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