PcM Workshop Questions Follow Up

Hey team, we had a couple of questions last Sunday that we received via the chat that we didn’t have time to cover in class. Please see my answers to these questions below:

  1. I would like to know more about the architect role in the A101 Owner -Contractor agreement, does the architect have to sign it too?

A. No, the agreement is between the owner and the contractor so the architect does not sign it. There was a graphic last week that showed the owner in the middle with the contractor above and architect below showing that the owner has a separate agreement with each entity.

Architect-------AIA B101-----------------Owner-----------------AIA A101-------Contractor

  1. One of the black spectacles practice test questions stated that reviewing RFI’s is not direct labor i.e. billable to the client. Can you elaborate or clarify if this is true. I thought this fell under basic services.

A. Yes, RFIs are covered under the AIA B101 Article 3 Scope of Basic Services
I’m not sure exactly how the test worded the question, but maybe they meant the time spent on RFI’s can’t be billed as reimbursables? It’s important to make sure you are reading every word of the question as sometimes one word provides the information needed to best answer the question. Feel free to ask again with exact wording or snip of the question on the practice exam.

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