Reported number of hours spent

can any of the coaches or anyone in the community explain how they got to the answer 390 hours?

The project manager for a new department store is monitoring hours spent on the project against the budget to ensure profitability. The total contract amount is $135,000 for an estimated total of 756 hours.

What should the reported number of hours spent on the job be if the current amount billed to the client plus the work-in-progress amount is $70,369?

542 hours
412 hours
390 hours
179 hours

Hi @yaa !

Thanks for your question! If you take the total contract amount ($135,000) and divide that by 756 hours, you get $178.57/hour. You then take the work in progress amount ($70,369) by $178.57 or $179 and you get 393. 390 is the closest answer to the calculated amount which is how we get 390. Hope that helps! Thanks!


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