Case Study - Staffing - Practice Exam FORM 2 - Q53 & 54

On the Practice Exam FORM 2, Case Study 1, the questions #53 and #54 seem to contradict each other.

Question #53
Team 1 and team 2 are both working on the project. The project manager has evaluated the actual costs through the design development phase, which has just been completed.
Which of the following should the project manager consider, based on the state of the current budget?
Answer Q #53:
Replace the project manager on team 1
Correct. The project manager on team 1 is at the highest paid hourly rate and could be replaced with another project manager that is paid less.

Question #54
The owner of the architectural firm is selecting a project team to submit as part of their request for proposal response.
Which of the following team members would be the best choice to manage the project?
Answer Q #54
Employee 6
Correct. Employee 6 has experience in office and restaurant design, which will be beneficial for the office and break room components of the project. Employee 6 is also the only project manager that has experience working with the owner.

The project manager on Team 1 is the Employee 6, which is the most qualified to manage the project.
Question #53 references the current budget after DD completion, but I wasn’t able to find that current budget. Also the answer to question #53 recommends replacing the PM with lower rate PM, but the only available option (EMPLOYEE 7 @$125/hr) doesn’t have the right type of experience (only experience in Education). Question #53 and its answer don’t make sense to me.

Could someone let me know what I am missing?
Thank you!

I found confusions with this case study as well. The question mentioned the DD budget but the fee “distribution by phase” chart only mentions planning, CD, budget, and CA. no mention of DD. Are we supposed to assume that 50% CD is one way of saying DD. Very unclear here and I’ve never known this to be a common way of saying Design Development.

Hello! @ignaciochoza and @Charlesanthonylent let’s see if one of our expert architects can help with these questions! @coachchrishopstock do you mind jumping in?

Hi @ignaciochoza and @Charlesanthonylent , thanks for the question and feedback!

I agree that question 53 is a bit contradictory with question 54, and we’ve decided to replace it with a different question. The point question 54 was trying to get across is to understand possible measures one could take if a project is over budget, one of which being to replace higher paid staff with lower paid staff.

@Charlesanthonylent sorry about the confusion with the naming of project phases. Just to be clear, 50% CD is not the same as DD. It seems like you already knew that but I just wanted to clarify!

I understand. Thank you all.