Structural Framing Resources

As mentioned in yesterday’s workshop. Can you help with resources on lateral brace framing and when to use which type?

Hi @rmholmquist - check our our videos in section 1.3 of PDD, particularly ’ Moment Pinned Diaphragms

Some outside resources that are helpful for this topic:
The Architect’s Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design - beginning of Chapter 2 is all about lateral stability and talks about when to use each type of system.
Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders - Chapters 4-2 through 4.4

Like I mentioned in the workshop, I’m not sure that a chart exists that would say ‘if you have these 3 considerations, use this lateral bracing system’. I think it’s more about understanding the relative costs of each (moment connections are expensive!) the tradeoffs of each (shear walls create blank facade areas, moment connections offer design flexibility), etc.

Hi, May I ask which of these 3 systems are more economical ? Is it the braced frame or shear wall ?

Braced frames are expensive, so if the design can accommodate a shear wall (i.e. it doesn’t require large expanses of windows where the lateral bracing is required) then a shear wall should be used.

Thank you for your reply. So the shear wall is the cheapest among the other 2 systems? does the braced frame more expensive than the rigid frame?