Beam calculations

Hi all, I have a few references to use for the beam work that we talked about previously:

The Architect’s Studio Companion 6th Ed. by Edward Allen and Joseph Iano* . The sections 1:Selecting the Structural System, 2:Configuring the Structural System, 3: Sizing the Structural System will help describe the terrain here

-Architect’s Studio Companion provides a solid overview

Youtube has some good videos on formulas for PDD/PPD; and the PDF below goes through many common beam and loading configurations:

finally, a more in depth discussion can be found in Structures: Or why things don’t fall down by J.E. Gordon

But again, as I mentioned in the sessions, keep the eye on the prize when it comes to doing a deep dive on one thing or another. Beams and other structural calculations may come up, but there will likely be as many conceptual questions as anything about calculation (e.g. when is one structural system appropriate as compared to another; types of bracing and shear reinforcement, when to use and why; etc.). That is simply the nature of the ARE. We aren’t engineers and the super complicated stuff should be left to them!