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I have been reading the AHPP and the legislative Guideline and the Model Regulations. It is giving me confusing information. In the AHPP, it says it cannot use the title intern architect, and architect because that person is not practicing architecture. But can use architectural designer. But in the legislative Guide it is saying you cannot use any of those, because it is indicating practice architecture. Can we in anytime show on our resume architecture designer, intern architect at all? can someone give a clear answer regarding what names can be used, and what names cannot be used because it might indicate practicing architecture.

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@coachdarionziegler you think you can help?

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Hi @AJPeng ,

Let me take a look. This has changed since I first entered the work force… At first, we weren’t supposed to use the term “architect” or any form thereof in our title at all. Even “Architectural Intern” was technically a no-no.

Remember, the AHPP is on it’s 15th Edition, but hasn’t actually been republished since 2014. Things have changed since then. Now, the AIA’s official position is that “Architectural Associate” is an appropriate title for those holding an architectural degree but who are not licensed. However, as of 2017 this violated state AIA rules in most states… Check out the article below:

Long story short… The AIA doesn’t have a cohesive policy on what you should put. If you have serious concerns I would contact your local or state AIA. Otherwise, just go off your best judgement. I don’t think this information will come up on your exam.

Hope this helps!

I see. Yea, I just wanted to make sure I get the right info, cause I saw a question on you guys practice exam to choose which is the correct title. I mean these question are Multiple choice, just don’t want to get it wrong, like one wrong answer kills the whole question.

AHPP talks about Practice Act vs. Title Act. Thought it was important