Webiner Content vs Study Guide

Did my first webinar last week and sincerely disappointed. Thirty minutes of wasted time and intros in the beginning led to a very slow and unproductive “workshop”. There were no new questions, discussions, or topics discussed other than that which is already in the video lectures. Most of the questions were even the same in the “workshop” portion.
Do webinars ever have added content? Or do they exist to go over previous content in a classroom format?

Hi @eliashorat

We’re sorry you didn’t find the workshop helpful. Our topics for the workshops are sourced from test-takers’ top “tricky areas” for each exam; while these are topics we review in the video lectures, the workshops are designed to go into more depth on these topics, collaborate with others/share knowledge as they approach sample problems, and give people an opportunity to ask questions related to the topic of that workshop. So these are just a different way to get more out of the material.

Check out our Facebook Group. Members have been creating study groups for specific divisions/areas. This has been extremely helpful for many of our members.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions.