Understanding ARE Score Report

]I took the practice management exam and failed. The results divided the test into 4 Content areas. Can you shed some light on what material each of the Content areas cover? I would like to focus on the areas I did poorly in but the labels are vague and there seems like there would be a lot of overlap.

  1. Business Operations
  2. Finances, Risk and Development of Practice
  3. Practice Wide delivery of Services
  4. Practice Methodologies.
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Hello @w.carr and welcome to our ARE Community!

@Oana @icci or @cat.heard9, any of you able to help us with this question regarding which material is best to focus on?

Hey- sorry to hear that. For perspective, I took this exam in March (right before the shut down) and passed, although to be honest I was shocked that I did. I went into the exam pretty confident as I had been consistently scoring well on the practice exams with plenty of time to go back and check answers but the actual exam I took was A LOT harder, with way more long equations that ate up a ton of time. I had no time to go back and check any questions I flagged and finished the last question with literally seconds left.

I know each exam is different but I think my exam was really heavy on project delivery and contracts, specifically less common forms of delivery like design build (which I personally was a little unprepared for). At one point I literally had the thought that I had mistakenly signed up for the project management exam- that’s how heavily the exam I took skewed to those subjects. Who knows, maybe it was just the form that I took but if I had to do it again I would really study these areas a lot more than I had. I also would do more exercises relating to project budget and practice using that awful calculator with the mouse.

Best of luck to you on the second time around!

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I had the exact same thought that I was taking Project Management test. Lots of math questions about staffing. I felt like I was missing critical pieces to the equations.
Finances, Risk and Development of Practice is where I struggled but I am not sure which resources I should use for this.