What is Drip Flashing with Weep Holes?

So I starting googling different terms from the workshop exercise to better understand their functionality as advised by coach Jori. And I was not able to find “drip flashing with weep holes” I know what flashing is and I know what weep holes are but what is
Drip Flashing with Weep Holes?
Thank you

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Hi @ylouka ,

Without knowing the exact context of what was said, I can’t be certain, but I’m thinking perhaps Jori was referencing two different things - ‘drip flashing’ and ‘weep holes’. These are used commonly in conjunction on brick rain screen assemblies. I think it’s likely she mentioned these quickly at the same time and it came out more like one word instead of two. Drip flashing will likely be present at the base of materials. For example, it will be above the lintel at a window head on a brick façade. But, we can’t just grout the brick solid above that because then the water would be stuck inside the assembly. We need to include weep holes so the water can escape.

‘Drip flashing’ is simply flashing with a drip edge - that is a tiny wrap around at the end of the flashing that allows water to drip off of it and prevents it from moving back up the flashing towards the assembly.

Here’s a good detail of a typical brick façade on CMU:

Ching’s ‘Building Construction Illustrated’ is always my favorite resource for reviewing construction details. Mike also goes into a lot of detail about wall section details like this one in some of his PPD lectures in particular.

If your looking for free online resources to learn more, I recently found this website:

Here’s what they have to say about flashing and drip edges (with drawings)

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
My understanding too is that they are 2 features not one but it was a “drag” question where there was a drawing and we had to drag the different names to the correct items on the drawing and one of them was the “Drip flashing with weep holes” .

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Hi @ylouka ,

I see! I think that perhaps the label would be clearer if it said ‘drip flashing with weep holes above’. They are two separate things.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with!

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