Wood Finishes

Regarding Wood Finishes, how can you determine what is affordable? What are expensive cuts? The same with door veneers - I think I understand what a book veneer is but how do you determine how they get less or more expensive?

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Good question, @ridlby or @cat.heard9, either of you happen to know how to determine affordability here?

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Mark (PDD Instructor) for todays workshop had already looked into this but we did not have time to discuss …


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Oh ok, thanks for the heads up!

Hi @oyemarco – This is a very practical and great question to ask! Remember to separate these two terms when studying, veneer and solid core. If referring to a wood veneer door, that is a thin sheet of wood overlaid on a core (these cores have a variety of options to choose from).
If referring to a solid core door, these are solid pieces of wood, generally laminated / fabricated together. Solid core wood doors are more expensive than wood veneer doors.
Affordability of wood finishes will be somewhat dependent upon the project site and rarity of the wood. It costs more to ship Douglas Fir bookmatched solid core doors to Ohio than it does to have Oak or Maple bookmatched solid core doors, due to where the wood is harvested. I would focus on understanding the types of wood cuts and matches, terminology and application.

I found this manufacturer resource to be helpful that discusses choosing the veneer, choosing the cut, and choosing the match: https://www.doorstopny.com/veneer-species-gallery


I think the cut is also influential, For example plain cut veneer will be less expensive than Rift because of more waste in rift sawn, Is not it?