Zoning Vocabulary

What’s the difference between rezoning
and PUD? They both locally change some
zoning restrictions to accommodate that
particular site.

Hello @ahankton706 -

A PUD (Planned Unit Development) is defined as the following;

The planned unit development (PUD) process encourages flexibility and creativity in the development of land in order to improve the design, character, and quality of new development in projects that provide certain benefits to the public. Planned unit developments are permitted in all zone districts.


Where as a rezoning takes an area and changes the zoning that applies to that particular space.

In other words a PUD is a comprehensive plan that is put forth to improve a particular area and can happen in all the different zoning districts. Where as a re-zoning occurs when you change a zoning district to another.

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Thanks for your response.
So, you can use Planned Unit Development in an area or site without actually rezoning?

Hello @ahankton706 -

You are correct you can use a PUD in an area without actually re-zoning.


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