Land use

Which test category can I find information on land use/density? I took a PA exam that had a question containing diagrams of land use density and was totally caught of guard since I had never come across anything like that in multiple study resources for PA.

Hi @ssimenhoff02 ,

Land use and density are covered in PA objectives 2.2 & 2.3. See snippet from the ARE 5.0 Handbook below.

If you have a Black Spectacle’s subscriptions the lectures on these objectives will definitely help you understand land use and density. Mike will walk through examples of how zoning regulations effect the design and type of building you can put on a site.

We also have a free video on FAR if that’s something you’re hoping to learn more about.

Beyond that, another way to get familiar with these topics might be to read local zoning codes so you become familiar with their components and how to read them.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for getting back to me Darion. I have an expert subscription to BS and just finished all of the PA videos. This question didn’t really relate to the objectives above or typical FAR concepts. There were diagrams representing different types of housing with the intensity of each per acre and it asked you to choose which diagram works best. I apologize, this doesn’t sound very clear but do you know maybe what they are trying to get at?

@ssimenhoff02 Try the book Planning and Urban Design Standards. I see some diagrams that match what you describe.

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