ADA elevator question

I have some questions about the elevator in the alteration building and hope someone could help
don’t remember which exactly BS exam one of them are from.

  1. ADA code indicate that elevator is not required where (see below)

so assume a 2 story museum doesn’t need an elevator ? and even when the exhibition might be on level 2 , no elevator is required ? and if the client still wants to install one , assume it has to be ADA compliance ?

the ADA requirement for the above or below the accessible level , do they refer to none wheelchair users? if not , how do they get to the other level without an elevator to use the ADA compliant facility?

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Hi @xurubi ,

I’ll see if I can help!

In your first question, it depends on the type of museum. For commercial properties, the elevator would not be required per the section you’ve stated above within Title III scoping notes. However, if this museum falls under the category of “all services, programs, and activities provided to the public by State and local governments” it would need to comply with the Title II scoping notes which do not have an elevator exemption.

So, perhaps a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum doesn’t need to have the second story accessible. But, your local city or state museum does.

If you are installing an elevator for public use it should be ADA compliant unless other exemptions apply. Note, that based on IBC Chapter 34 and other Title II or Title III scoping notes, if this is impractical due to existing conditions which should be preserved or otherwise financially impractical the AHJ may accept a solution which does not meet all of the traditional tenants of the ADA or Building Code.

For your second question: the ADA guidelines are not only meant to serve those that are wheelchair users. It also contains regulations meant to protect those who may have hearing or sight impairments or other mobility issues. In addition, it’s possible that a person can use crutches to get up or down the stairs before returning to their wheelchair on the other floor. Here’s a great article from ADA about this exact topic:
Title III Technical Assistance Manual (excerpt) Lesson 3.

Hope this helps!

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appreciated !

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