Exam 1 question 20

The question says that service entrances need to be accessible too since it’s a specific space?
Doesn’t that mean every entrance would always have to be accessible since it would go to a space in a building, can you explain this answer?
I thought loading spaces, and service entrances don’t need to be ADA accessible.

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Hi @sergioclaure93 ,

Great question!

You are absolutely correct that ‘service entrances’ are not required to be accessible.

This question is tricky because the ‘service entrance’ is also leading to a location that employees of all abilities need to get to - the walk in cooler. Really, the door in question is more similar to a ‘restricted entrance’ as defined in 206.4.7, but calling it that would make the question too easy!

If you haven’t looked at it, the US Access Board’s website can be super helpful on providing additional graphics for items within the 2010 ADA and clearing some things up.

Hope this helps!

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