AIA A201 - General Conditions - Owner, Architect & Contractor?

When is the General Conditions contract signed?

I originally understood this was signed before the commencement of the Work, and meant an agreement between two parties (Owner & Architect).

However, I see that there’s three parties mentioned in this contract: Owner, Architect and Contractor. Is the Contractor eventually brought-in to sign this contract, or is this contract only enacted once all parties are awarded?


Hi @mariaemiliaescudero ,

I’ll see if I can help!

The A201 is not signed. It is adopted by reference by both the B101 (standard agreement between owner & architect) and A101 (standard agreement between owner & contractor). The general conditions are present when the architect/owner sign B101 and when the contractor/owner sign A101.

See the screenshot below about the A201 from

If you’re just getting into contracts I would highly recommend checking out the website! They’ve got a ton of helpful information about how to use each contract and they’ve been adding a lot of Youtube video content as well.

In particular, I love this page that shows how the contracts all relate to each other in each of the major project delivery methods.

And last but not least - here’s one of their Youtube webinars speaking about the A201 in depth:

Hope this helps!

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