General Conditions for Design-Build

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We had a question come up in our workshop about why there was no A201 (General Terms and Conditions) for Design-Build projects. I reached out to some of our other experts to see if they could help me answer this one. See the answer provided by @coachjasongolub below:

"The central document in the AIA’s design-build family is A141-2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Design-Builder . The updated 2014 version includes the incorporation of general conditions within the body of the agreement. The document consists of the agreement and three important exhibits.

Exhibit A is the Design-Build Amendment that memorializes the project design and contract sum. Execution of the Design-Build Amendment is the culmination of an iterative process resulting in a preliminary design and a proposal that includes the contract sum and time based on the initial owner’s criteria provided to the design-builder. When the proposal is agreed upon, the owner and design-builder execute the Design-Build Amendment.

Exhibit B is an insurance and bond exhibit. Insurance requirements include professional liability and pollution insurance, and the exhibit also lists the types and amounts of performance and payment bonds.

Exhibit C is a sustainable project exhibit used to identify the scope of the design-builder’s sustainability services, if any, and to establish a process to determine the owner’s sustainable objective for the project."

Hope this helps, and thanks Jason for the thorough answer!


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