AIA B101 Article 6.1 Clarification

Hi All, we received a question regarding AIA B101, Article 6.1. The question included a screenshot of a practice question that was quizzing on what should be included in the cost-of-work estimate. One of the correct answers was that design contingencies should be included in the cost-of-work estimate. The student wanted to clarify this answer because in AIA B101 section 6.1 states that contingencies should not be included. It’s important to note that in this question they were mentioning “design contingencies” instead of “contingencies for changes in the Work” as stated in the AIA B101 contract. A design contingency would apply to something that is already included in the contract as the architects scope of services. A change in the work would be outside of the agreed upon contract and therefore the architect wouldn’t need to include a contingency for “changes in the Work” in the cost-of-work estimate.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!