Total "Cost of the Work" vs Total "Project Cost"

I feel this question is confusing. Because it’s asking for the Total “Cost of the Work” which only relates to the contractor not the Architect fees.

Hi @monienyc !

Thanks for your question! I understood the “cost of work” to include the architect’s fees however, if the question stated “cost of construction”, I would have omitted the architect’s fees. I’m going to tag @coachchrishopstock so he can weigh in on the wording of the question. Thanks!


Article 6 Cost of the Work (AIA B101) states…
“6.1 For purposes of this Agreement, the Cost of the Work shall be the total cost to the owner to construct all elements of the project designed or specified by the Architect and shall include contractors’ general conditions costs, overhead and profit. The Cost of the Work does not include the compensation of the Architect; the costs of the land, rights-of-way, financing, or contingencies for changes in the Work; or other cost that are the responsibility of the owner.”

Hi @monienyc thanks for writing in! I removed the screenshot from your post because we don’t allow posting of paid content in the community.
I agree with you about what the cost of work does and does not include, and we’ve adjusted the question accordingly.