Alta survey

from google" When it comes to determining which survey your project requires, an accepted rule of thumb is that an ALTA survey is needed when purchasing land, and a topographic survey is needed when planning construction."
In terms of using them as site plan base , are they the same ? both has topo ,trees ,utility,etc

Hey, @coachdarionziegler or @coachchrishopstock could you please take a look at this question?


Hi @xurubi thanks for the question!
The info that you found on google is accurate and probably enough information for the scope of the ARE. ALTA surveys don’t always show topography or trees - these are optional to be included (at the discretion of the person ordering the survey). If you’re interested in learning more you can look at the 2021 ALTA survey requirements here, although I wouldn’t spend time memorizing any of this for the ARE:

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