Practice Exam #1 Referring to the " schedule of services" for the architect

I encountered this question on the PjM Practice exam form #1 Case study question. It refers to the Architects “Schedule of Services”. I am a bit confused, I thought maybe this refers to the “Scope of basic services” in the B101. But in the explanation to why one of the answers is incorrect, it is that it’s in the “schematic design phase services”. Being that Schematic design is part of the Scope of basic services" in the B101. I’m assuming that this is not the Architects “Schedule of Services” I thought it was. Where or what exact is the Architects “Schedule of Services”?

Hi Daniel,

In this case the question is asking about proposed services, so we can assume that the architect has not yet been hired for the project but is preparing a schedule that the owner can review. Because the contract has not yet been signed, the architect shouldn’t start to produce drawings. You are correct in saying that drawings would be included in the SD phase, but the way the answer is being presented, they are implying that the drawings would be produced in that moment in time and included with the schedule being proposed. This would be too soon to produce drawings because the contract hasn’t yet been signed. All the correct answers relate to the timing and schedule of the project.

Please let me know if that makes sense, and happy to discuss further.

Coach Thomas