Are deciduous vines recommened for temperate climate?

hi, any anyone know if deciduous vines placed densely and very closely on the building would be good for a temperate climate?
per site planning p362,"Vines reduce summer heat by absorbing much of the light, and deciduous vines lose their leaves in the fall, allowing winter heat gain"it didn’t mention density.

Hi @xurubi ,

The more dense the coverage of vines the more light they can absorb and therefore the more heat they can reduce! Deciduous vines work well in temperate climates which need heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

When it comes to vines density doesn’t always mean planting them closer together. If you want quick coverage more plants closer together might be the best way to achieve this. Otherwise, if time isn’t an issue, fewer plants will achieve the same coverage given time and appropriate care.
Ivy | Home & Garden Information Center.

Remember, you might not want vines growing directly on your building. Check out this article from Architectural Digest on it:

Hope this helps!

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