ARE Live: PPD Mock Exam

Experience a PPD mock exam on ARE Live today! Join Black Spectacles and architect Andrea Monroig-Torres for an in-depth exploration of the Project Planning & Design division with a mock practice exam on this episode of ARE Live.

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And finally, everyone who posts in this thread today will be eligible to win a free Black Spectacles t-shirt - so don’t hesitate to drop a friendly "Hello!”.

Hello everybody!

Hello everyone!


She said the answer is both. The exam wouldn’t allow both. What is the answer ARE looking for?

I’ll ask her momentarily, thanks for asking!

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Hello, gonna look good in that T shirt . . .

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we use heating in winter. Maybe a month or two

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I wonder if my screen froze and I missed her bullet points?

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This is her last question, I’ll ask her to go back to the first one at the end…

Thank you Marc.

Thank you! What do I need to do to get my shirt?