Book on Structures Concepts and Key Calculations

Hi Community,
Has any of you come across a Structures book, fundamentally geared towards architects and the ARE and hence addresses or breaks down most of the key calculation and concepts of loads, foundations and support systems. What are your best recommendations for something close to a one stop book source? Is there any?

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Hi @ayeboah and welcome to the ARE Community! That’s a great question. @coachdarionziegler do you mind recommending a go to book?

Hi @ayeboah,

I’d first check out the updated ARE 5.0 Handbook:

They’ve broken out and expanded on “Structural Resources” starting on page 157. Then, I would check out “reference matrix” at the end of the handbook. If you’re really looking for streamlined information, some sort of study aid such as the PPD & PDD of the Brightwood or Kaplan books or the Black Spectacle’s PPD&PDD lectures are going to be your best bet. Personally, I used only Black Spectacle’s lectures and quizes to study for PPD & PDD after an initial failure and was able to learn enough structures from them to pass :slight_smile: . That was my personal experience though, you have to find what works for you!

I’m seeing one book at the back of the reference matrix called, " Structural Design: A Practical Guide for Architects". I haven’t personally read this book myself, but based on the description it might be what you are looking for!

Does anyone else have any resources they’ve used?

Hope this helps!


@ Coachdarionziegler, Thank you for your response. Very helpful. I did check on the book and found the updated section within the handbook as very instructive.

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