Structures Refresher

Hi All!

I always learned best in a classroom setting rather than reading by myself. Any suggestions for free resources (especially videos or graphics) to refresh my memory of structures topics - bending moments, deflection, vocabulary.


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@coachlizschneider do you have any suggestions for @lauren.kennedy ?

@lauren.kennedy In the past I’ve found some YouTube videos that do a great job of explaining shear and moment diagrams.
Here’s a link to one: Shear force and bending moment diagram practice problem #1 - YouTube
The channel Engineer4free seems to have a few videos that would be worth checking out.

Also, our PPD workshop on Structure would be a great way to refresh your memory and will allow you to ask questions to an instructor and other participants. has 2 upcoming free Structures webinars that may help you out. I have signed up for both.

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