Case Study Questions - Parking + ADA Questions

In one of the case studies on the practice exams, a question ask you to calculate the number of parking using what the clients requested components (spaceA = ##GFA, spaceB = ## GFA, etc.) and then what the parking requirements are (spacetypeA = 3 spaces per ##gfa, spacetypeB = 1 space per ##gfa, etc.)

For reference it was question 1 of 7 for the case study on the historical copper plant.

I can post the question if allowed, not sure if that is. The answer given does not include the addition of ADA spaces. On the exam how does it work with when to add in ADA requirements. The practice question only asked “what is total parking requirement”. If there is not a specified total of only the clients requirement or total including ADA what is the best way to understand when to and when not to include the ADA extras?


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First off, we do not allow posting of screenshots of questions. But describing the question as you have works perfectly! If you really want to send a screenshot you can also do so in a private message to myself or any of our other coaches.

ADA parking spaces are always included within the total amount required. If a question is asking you how many parking spaces are required always know that includes ADA and ADA van. If you read code summaries a lot of times they will say something like, “102 of 102 required parking spaces including 5 accessible spaces and 1 van accessible spaces”.

If you’d like to read more about ADA parking you can do so at the link below

Or in the 2010 ADA Standards:

Check out the required parking chart. The column title, “Total Number of Parking Spaces Provided in Parking Facility (per facility)” lets you know that the ADA spaces are included in the total number.

Hope this helps!