CE Practice Exam 1 Case Study 2 Question 3


In general, I did not know how to answer this question and I still do not understand the answer. Can you help me?

@gloriaw92 When looking at the provided materials, the submittal of the bike rack indicates that concrete is the best installation substrate. We can install racks either in-ground or surface-mount when considering concrete. So, we haven’t really canceled anything out yet. Further down in the RFI, we can note that the trail detail shows that the surface material is asphalt. The question itself leads us to believe that the surface-mounted option could only be mounted to asphalt, and the in-ground option in concrete. We can eliminate surface-mounted option (due to the asphalt consideration), which then also eliminates the surface-mounted option for the concrete… which leaves us with our in-ground concrete installation. From there, April 25th is our original delivery date. We know that the in-ground installation will add 2 weeks to our schedule. When we take this into consideration, that leaves us with May 9th as the earliest delivery and installation dates. Hope this helps!

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