CE Practice Exam 1 Question 2

Hi everyone. I’m just starting my exams and have chosen to start by taking the CE exam first. I understand the basics of each of the project delivery methods, but I’m trying to better understand why you could select certain project delivery methods based on the specificities of the project. Practice Exam 1 Question 2 doesn’t make a lot of sense to me in this regard:


  • The design-build project delivery is best for straightforward building types with experienced clients.

  • Fast-track projects are those where design and construction can overlap. Projects that have a need for speed over quality are candidates for fast-tracking. In this scenario, buildings can be built in a series, one right after another.

  • In CMAR, or construction manager at risk, the contractor is involved early to help provide input on complex construction matters such as keeping a busy facility operational at a sensitive site.

  • In Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), several experts come together at the beginning of a project when goals are set and major building systems are selected. This allows for an integrated project where value is maximized and waste is minimized.

In particular, I don’t understand why the zoo project wouldn’t be Fast Track (obviously there is a motivation to finish the project quickly since it will remain open during construction), and why the (4) 16-unit apartment buildings is Fast Track (no indication whether these 4 buildings are all the same or all different in design, on the same site or different sites, etc.).

I find this question in particular difficult, and I found the explanation no real help in my understanding of this topic. Just wondering if anyone can provide any additional explanation or elaboration.


Jamie, great question. The zoo would not be a fast track option given the criteria that the zoo will remain operational and is quite busy. During a fast track project, there will be multiple trades visiting the jobsite which would create a big disruption to the day to day operations of the zoo and its visitors. The apartment complex will be fast track due to the repetitive nature, and sometimes design can occur alongside construction. For instance, the structural package may be delivered first and allow the contractor to build that portion while the MEP or interior designs are being completed. Then the additional packages are delivered and the shell of the building has been constructed already.